Digital strategy for a leading BPO/BPM firm

Axcim business solutions is a leading business and knowledge process management solutions company. From helping organizations curate marketing models that generate new business opportunities to understanding deep financial metrics which extend brand relationships.

A long lasting digital strategy

Axcim business solutions needed a couple of new digital strategy requirements. Initially, they needed a totally new brand design including a new logo design, also they needed a totally new revamped website to project about the company and its services to a wider audience and lastly, they required a great digital strategy to acquire clients for BPO services from different market segments.

Initial discovery call

To achieve their requirements, we at Zing initially had got on board with the management of Axcim on a discovery call to understand the Axcim’s business objectives and goals. During this call, we were able to discuss in detail to get their ideas on different branding aspects and give our suggestions based on their industry. 

Achieving a digital strategy that brings long last growth

As part of their digital strategy journey, we initially came with a new logo design and branding for Axcim. The branding and logo designs were designed to meet Axcim’s business domain. Our designers kept constantly communicating with the team from Axcim on the design journey from start to finish.

The next key aspect was getting a new website done. One of the main criteria of Axcim was they needed a website that was minimalistic but yet professional. Our web development team was able to deliver an exceptional website with great content. These content strategies were used for SEO as well.

Next were worked on with the management of Axcim in compiling digital strategy to showcase their service offerings. We based this on keyword research, SEO, lead generation, and content strategy. Axcim has been able to generate a minimum of 5-6 leads per month with this strategy and also they have been able to convert 2-3 leads a month into customers.

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