Digital growth strategy for a leading construction firm in Switzerland

The key problem

PR Baumanagement AG is an independent total and general contractor, which specializes in new buildings, conversions, and renovations of small to large buildings – from single and multi-family houses to apartment blocks in Switzerland. They have been in business for the past 5 years with a successful track record in the industry.

But their online brand had little to no personal engagement with the audience they were trying to target. They have been running their business for the past 5 years without a brand presence online. With the current technological advancement, the team at PR Baumanagement felt it was necessary to take their brand online and target a wider audience.


The team at Zing came up with a whole new digital growth strategy for PR Baumanagement AG. 

The initial work was to revamp their whole branding. Next was to get their web presence, for that they needed a website, next they needed to drive traffic through their social media channels so Zing came up with a whole new social media strategy for them, and lastly, it was about crafting a proper SEO strategy to keep them self on top of their web presence.


After executing this whole new growth strategy, PR Baumanagement AG has seen a steep rise in the business, over the past 1 ½ years they have seen a huge increase in their sales and profits, most of these new sales were leads that came in through their whole online presence.

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